About Premier Nail Bar

The idea of Premier Nail Bar came about in 2015 when our owner Hong Le decided she wanted to open her own style nail salon. Hong wanted her salon to be different, original and special just like she is. She wanted her salon to stick out from all the competitors in the city so she thought very carefully of how she could put her special signature on her salon. One where service, close attention to detail, and customer satisfaction were top priority.

She came up with her own ideas and took experience she gained from all the different places and salons she has worked before and she came up with many ideas of how to make a better nail salon.

One of her visions were one of her salon having luxury leather theater seating freely sitting in front of custom made pedicure sinks. Hong also wanted the customers to have fun and interact with one another inside the salon while they are getting nail services so she created the long “nail bar” where all the manicure and acrylic nails are done.

The idea of the bar came about to enhance the atmosphere of the salon witch was being planned to have a beautiful custom design, custom décor, and an all around atmosphere of luxury. Lots of salons offer drinks and whatnot but Hong wanted to go far beyond what other salons are doing for their customers. She wanted a full bar with extraordinary drinks, good vibes and a whole custom in house made drink menu with drink concoctions you can only find at her salon.

Even the name “Premier” was carefully thought out and selected by searching for a name with true meaning for her salon. “Premier” in French means “first” and because she is an innovator of the nail industry this is how our name Premier was selected. Hong and Premier Nail Bar take all the credit for being the creators of the 7 day warranty card! This is a card that was invented in 2016 to help the customers and technicians alike.

If anything happens to your nails within the first 7 days we believe that the application wasn’t applied correct and we take full responsibility and will be happy to fix it for you just come in with the card (which tells us who the technician was and what number your color is) let us make you a drink and we will fix it for free!! No stress and no haggles! We are different than other salons in lots and lots of ways.

We take pride in our work and we strive for customer satisfaction! Come into 9303 Highway 6 Missouri City TX and see what all the “Buzz” is about at Premier Nail Bar Sienna Plantation!

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