Premier Nail Bar Sienna Plantation

Premier Nail Bar sets itself apart from other salons in many ways. With just one step into the front door you can already tell that this Nail salon is different. The owners of Premier Nail Bar personally design, build, and decorate their own stores with their own team and own ideas. The immaculate custom design features high ceilings, custom made chandeliers and an open floor plan that you can never find at any other salon. They offer huge oversized custom made mirrors and swanky custom made wall art to add to the ambience of Premier Nail Bar. You will feel like your lost somewhere in a fancy Las Vegas hotel once you step inside this fancy salon.

The layout of this store is far from typical. With plush leather theater seating instead of those same ole spa chairs your used to seeing at other salons. And two long nail tables that mimic a bar, and that are fun to sit at while getting your nails done. They really went the extra mile on making this store special and unique. Upon entering Premier Nail Bar you will be greeted by one of their friendly and helpful staff members and they will help assist you on selecting a service. Again this is not your typical nail salon as they offer the most creative pedicures and services in all of Houston! From their famous Jello-Shot pedicure (free jello shot included) that turns your spa water into “gel” to help battle extremely dry skin, to their popular Champagne pedicure where real champagne is used to help clarify and tighten your skin for a healthy shine.

We would also like to tell y’all about the Patrón Pedicure that uses real Patrón tequila in the spa treatment. When it comes to tequila and the skin, tequila as an alcohol is a natural cleansing astringent, which tightens and detoxifies pores says Crump. Incorporating it into your spa treatment can also help to reduce stress and anxiety she adds. You will never get bored at Premier Nail Bar because they are always creating something different to keep their customers excited one good example of that is their seasonal manicures and pedicures that are offered throughout different times of the year. Come in during November to try a one of a kind “Build it yourself Autumn pedicure” where you can select your own scent from our special autumn collection of scents you can only find at Premier Nail Bar Sienna Plantation.

The owners at Premier Nail Bar are always looking to elevate the nail industry by innovating and raising the bar when it comes to service and satisfaction. They take credit for creating the first 7 day warranty card. They believe if anything happens to your nails in the first seven days that it was the technicians fault and there was a problem within the application process so therefore they will fix them for free no questions asked and the card helps keep track of the customers color and who the technician was. Premier Nail Bar has a fun and inviting environment that the whole family can enjoy. Did we mention that they have a full service bar with free drinks? Lots of salons offer drinks but at Premier Nail Bar they take it to the next level with a custom made drink menu with over 40+ tasty original drink choices created in house. Fan favorites like the Princess Martini, Caribbean breeze, and Tropical Sangria are sure to impress and customers have a blast trying out all of their different drinks they offer and chatting with their bartenders. Premier Nail Bar Sienna Plantation has over 25+ nail techs that are experienced, fast, friendly and eager to make all of your dream nails a reality! The technicians at Premier Nail Bar welcome any challenge from their customers and are ready to create the nails of your dreams all in the most beautiful nail salon in Texas!

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